Cobalt sulfate  Cobalt chloride
 Cobalt acetate  Cobalt oxide
 Nickle sulfate  Nickle chloride
 Nickle acetate  Nickle amidosulfonate
 Nickle carbonate  Nickle nitvate
 Nickle oxide(black)  Nickle monoxide
 Copper sulfate  Copper chloride
 Cuprous chloride  Cupric oxide
 Cupous oxide  Cupric acetate
 Cupric carbonate  Cupric nitrate

Nickle monoxide

Molecular formula£ºNiO
Property£ºgreen powder
Standard:Q/GHYL 8633-98

Name Ni¡İ%
Foreign matter¡Ü(%)
Co Cu Fe Zn S Ca,Mg,Na,total Insoluble substance
in HCl
First grade 76.0 0.3 0.10 0.15 0.10 0.1 1.30 0.30
Second grade 75.0 0.5 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.15 1.50 0.40

Application£ºelectronic element¡¢battery and magnetism material.enamelware painting¡¢catalyst and nickle salt
Package£º50Kg barrel

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